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About Us

An incandescent light lamp reflects against a wall. It draws you closer as you hear an unfathomable cool beat. You come to a motel room with a scrubbed out name under a tiny light bulb...

Those who occupy rooms at Noisy Motel move frequently - constantly on the move.
A Noisy Motel occupant's outlook is an early adopter, playful; with a great passion for music. Always flexible yet, their possessions that move with them are regarded invaluable.

Packed up and ready to go at a moment's notice; these possessions,
can always be found at Noisy Motel.

Music is incredibly important to us at Noisy Motel, in a world that is constantly changing, music simply makes anyone feel happy and Noisy Motel was created to become an escapism into 'the choice' of excellence in sound.

Be it any genre of music, Noisy Motel has carefully selected its product with a passion for quality and sound, as well as enduring the design aesthetics. Noisy Motel simply wants you to thoroughly enjoy the sound of 'your own music' every time, with a great big smile on your face!

Noisy Motel welcomes you into an understated world of excellence in sound and it remains the forefront of our business. Though now, Noisy Motel has become more inquisitive and curious, occupying more rooms to explore diverse product that offers great quality and innovation.

Noisy Motel is your specialist personal audio store located in Melbourne, Australia and features a wide range of headphones, earphones, and audio accessories. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can assist you in not only recommending the right headphones for your needs, but also offer you sound advice on our complete range of products.

Noisy Motel is either an authorised dealer or an Australian distributor of all products we sell on our website. All products are genuine and offer full manufacturers warranty.

Noisy Motel is a way of life and is always occupied for those who appreciate the quality in sound!

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