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The Wooduo2 (W2) is a well-built earphone from HiSoundAudio, with hand-crafted rose wood housings and a striking red flat, tangle-resistant cable. With a focus on bass, the Wooduo2 offers a rich, warm sound signature.
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The Wooduo2 (W2) is a pair of earphones with a very distinguished character. It has been successfully adapted using the design skills utilized in the creation of high end loudspeakers. Hisoundaudio has the experience of creating home audio products for 20 years and is very familiar with the rate of sound-wave absorption and reflection of the various woods.

Hisoundaudio has found a solution to deal with the negative sonic nature of wooden materials and have been successful in restraining all unwanted reflection of sound waves, in order to make the sound in the wooden chamber harmonious and very pleasant. The result is that the sound, when balanced in the left and right channels of the W2, can be up to +_ 3DB.

The superior bass of W2 enables it to stand out from other earphones. It is unique in character, similar to the bass of a woofer which is very solid with deep and punchy impact. The bass of W2 is clear, detailed and layered.

The mids and highs are not clouded by the bass. The mids of W2 is transparent with good instruments placing. The highs of W2 have sparkle and extended with details.

The sound signature of W2 is marked in a similar manner as with a loudspeaker.

The W2 is made up of the highly treasured Rose Wood, which qualifies it as most collectible. It carries a colorful flat cable which is very stylish and tangle-free... a true HiFi fashion icon.

  • Made with Rose Wood
  • Alloy front chamber, perfectly paired with the wooden body
  • Constructed with 9mm bigger driver for powerful bass
  • Flat and stylish cable, tangle-free
  • 3 U thickness golden plated jack
  • Hard straight jack for convenience pull
  • Soft rear handle, efficient buffer
  • Cylinder splitter, very unique
  • Inside fastener firmly stuck to the cable
  • Constructed with high quality driver

  • Chamber: Rose wood
  • Type: Dynamic,in ear
  • Size of the driver: @9mm
  • Frequency response: 16-23khz
  • Impedance: 16 OHMS
  • Sensitivity: 110db
  • Maximum SPL (Sound pressure level): 127db (1khz,1 Vrms)
  • Earphone jack: 3.5mm
  • Length of the cable: 119cm
  • The core cable: 99.999% FOC

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HiSoundAudio Wooduo2 (W2) Sound Isolating Wooden Earphones


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