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The Acoustic Research AR-M2 might look like a portable player, in reality it is a tiny high-end Hi-Fi system, with separate pre-power amp, isolated digital and analogue circuits, one of the finest DACs, an expensive Alps volume analogue control and the highest quality components throughout. Includes Acoustic Research AC7-IA Impedance Adapter.

The M2 throws down a challenge to existing players in this market, delivering 'Best In Class' sound and outperforming competition costing twice the price.

The audio signature is true to the original Acoustic Research sound, detailed, smooth and precise, fast, punchy and with deep, wide imaging.

Key Features of the M2
  • Flagship Class Burr-Brown PCM1794A Current Output DAC
  • Future-proof High Performance Quad Core Processor
  • Unique high-current high-output Class A based amplifier
  • Isolated Digital and Analogue Circuits
  • Audiophile-grade analogue ALPS potentiometer
  • Phenomenal Signal to Noise Ratio & Dynamic Range
  • Line-out to feed a Hi-Fi system

The M2 delivers almost 40x the power of some competing players and drives serious quality headphones like Audeze, Oppo, Hi-Fi Man and High-end Sennheiser, in the $2000 + range that most players struggle with.

Paired with serious headphones and good HD material, the sound is revelatory.

Comprehensively Specified
  • Comprehensive format suport: 24/192 FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, DSD64/DSD128 & DXD
  • Burr-Brown’s Flagship PCM1794a DAC with dual high precision clocks
  • 64GB internal storage AND expansion via Micro-SDXC cards or OTG Thumb Drive
  • Android OS base, tuned for pure music
  • Pure Lossless Audio Path bypassing Android OS
  • 802.11n Wi-Fi built-in
  • Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz etc Android app support for streaming
  • Large 5 inch 720 x 1280 HD-IPS colour touch screen
  • Dedicated Play, Pause, FFWD controls in addition to Touch Control
  • Audiophile-grade analogue ALPS manual volume control
  • Tough high-precision metal housing
  • High capacity 4000 MAh battery delivering 9hrs average battery life
  • Dimensions: 136.5 h x 71.1 w x 15 mm d - easily pocketable
  • Weight: 245 g

AR have paid as much attention to the analog circuitry as to the digital. The headphone output uses a high-power, high-current, ultra-fast slew-rate amplifier delivering speed that reacts instantaneously to the demands of Hi-Res music. It supports a wide range of earphones and headphones, is capable of driving high-end full-size headphones and is more powerful than many standalone portable headphone amplifiers.
  • Power output (THD < 0.01%)
  • 32 ohms 252mW + 252 mW
  • 300 ohms 35mW + 35mW
  • Ultra-low-distortion at max output <0.01%
  • Supports 16 ohms to 300 ohms headphones/earphones

Code: AR-M2

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Price: $1,999.00 (FREE Shipping)

Acoustic Research AR-M2 Audiophile Hi-Res Music Player


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